Quality control

Our quality protocol is what makes us the best to serve you

Max Glow Cleaning Service LLC knows the importance of making everything happen efficiently and with quality in your home.

Well-defined quality processes

In the bathroom we only use paper towels so that no bacteria are transported to other rooms in the house, especially the kitchen.

In the other rooms we use Cloths for each piece of furniture, used only once, and then discarded to be sanitized again.

All of our employees are fully trained not to use cloths and certain products in other homes that have already been cleaned.

All of our cleaning products are of 100% quality so that cleaning is done very efficiently and the customer has 100% satisfaction.

All sponges used in the bathroom or any place that is not so clean are discarded so that a new one can be used for the next cleaning. We do this so that hygiene is carried out with quality.

Each Employee knows their responsibility for all these steps, none of them ever go out of line due to responsibility with the company Max Glow Cleaning Service LLC

For each clean place we use the correct products.
• Wood
• marble sink
• Kitchen sink
• bathroom stall
• bathroom basin
• Glass
• Baseboard

For high-value furniture, we always ask the customer which product they use.

It is a great pleasure to see our customers happy and satisfied with our excellent quality services.

For this reason, each employee carries their cleaning products with them and everyone must have identification at all services to prove that they are employees of the Max Glow Cleaning Service.

If an Employee arrives at your home wearing another shirt from another company, they will not be allowed entry. Please call our company automatically to notify us of what happened.

We always think about the safety of your family and your home.

All of our cleaning services are carried out with great care.

Thank you again for choosing our company. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call the phone number below. Thank you again.