About Us

Hello! I’m Flávio and this is my wife Joyce. We always dreamed of being entrepreneurs. We were passionate about cleanliness and organization, and we realized that there was a growing demand for professional cleaning services here in the United States. With courage and determination, we decided to open our own professional cleaning company for homes and businesses.

We invested in modern, eco-friendly cleaning equipment to provide a high quality service that was efficient and respectful of the environment.

Initially, Max Glow Cleaning Service started serving local homes, offering complete and personalized cleaning services that met the needs and preferences of each client. The quality of work and commitment to exceeding expectations quickly earned the company a good reputation and a satisfied customer base.

Over time, we noticed an opportunity to expand our services to also meet the demand of companies. We invest in staff training to improve technical skills and ensure impeccable service, regardless of the size or type of establishment.

Max Glow Cleaning Service has become known for its attention to detail, punctuality and professionalism.

Together we learned that entrepreneurship is a challenging journey, but also a rewarding one. Through our company, we not only provide a clean and healthy environment for our customers, but we also create jobs and contribute to the economic growth of our community.

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